Monday, July 2, 2012


Last week I made several discovories.  Due to some bruised ribs I was unable to run.  I typically get out there five or six days a week, so my predicament was not ideal.  I tried to get creative and come up with something physical that I could do to replace the running.  I quickly discovered that almost every potential alternative requires some form of twisting, pulling or folding at the mid-section.  Thus, my only option was to walk.  And I'm not talking power walking.  I had to walk without moving the upper part of my body like a robot; avoiding any sharp turns or movements while keeping my arms tucked tight at my side.  I'm guessing I looked pretty odd to those who passed me but it was all I could do so I went with it.  I discovered that I do not want or need a vacation from running.  I'm all for taking a break once in a while and running without my watch or veering from my training plan, but I need the running on so many levels and it goes way beyond the physical release.  Running clears my head in a way that nothing else can.  When I get home from a run, I am ready for whatever is thrown at me.  Some people need retail therapy.  I need running therapy.  It's that simple.  All that said, within a day or so I discovered how important it is to give my body time to heal.  The simplest things like tying my shoes, brushing my teeth, even laughing, were difficult with a sore mid-section and I needed to do all of those things, especially the laughing.  So, despite feeling anxious and wanting to just run through the pain, I discovered I could be patient and rest.  I'm not good at either of these things, but I was glad to discover that I could do it when I needed to and I found strength in that alone.  Finally, on my long robot walks, I discovered some incredible music.  I set Pandora to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, a band that I love to run with but haven't taken the time to explore beyond the few staple songs on my playlist.  I am newly obsessed with lead singer Karen O's voice which is sultry and totally mesmerizing.  I realized that every one of their songs is awesome for running, dancing or both and I would bet that it's impossible for anyone not to notice this when they hear them play.  Not only did I dig deeper on the Yeah Yeah Yeah's collection, but I also discovered some amazing new bands such as Ratatat and Cold War Kids (thank you Pandora). I discovered that music sounds different when I'm walking because I can focus on the song and hear the notes and lyrics in a way that isn't possible when I'm running.  And that was pretty cool.   Most importantly, though, I re-discovered how important my family and friends are when I'm struggling to get through something that's difficult.  Their support last week was endless and I was so grateful to to have them to both vent my frustration and remind me that in the grand scheme of things, it really wasn't that big a deal.  EUREKA!

Listen to these:
Kiss Kiss - Yeah Yeah Yeahs   Kiss, Kiss - IS IS - EP 
Party With Children - Ratatat   Party With Children - LP4 
Royal Blue - Cold War Kids   Royal Blue - Mine Is Yours (Deluxe Version)

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