Wednesday, July 4, 2012



I was recently asked to review TrailMix, an app that lets you manipulate the tempo of the songs you're listening to while you're working out.  Not only do I love to run with music, but when choosing my songs, the beat is a huge factor so my curiosity was instantly piqued.  I downloaded the app, chose my playlist and headed out for a run.  First, I tried the manual setting.  I set the BPM (beats per minute) to my preferred pace and listened as each song played at that specific tempo.  I'm not going to lie, it sounded a little strange to hear the songs pick up or slow down to match my selection.  But at the same time, I liked that as I tried to hold a steady pace, the beat of the music never changed which helped to keep me motivated.  There is a lot of music in my iTunes library that I don't run with (but love to listen to) because the pace is too slow and I immediately got excited as I thought about all the new songs that I could potentially add to my playlist if I used TrailMix with them.  I also tried the automatic setting and listened as the tempo of each song increased or decreased in time with my steps.  I played with this a lot as it was a bit funky to get used to and slightly odd to hear songs at a different tempo.  But I was digging the way some of my slower songs would pick up as I built up steam and could see how this would help push me during a speed or hill workout.  I loved experimenting and found myself continuing to play with the app after my run was over.  Do I want to listen to Jack Johnson at faster pace while I'm driving in my car?  Not really.  But if I'm on a run trying to push it up a hill and all I need is a slightly faster beat to help me out, it's pretty cool to have that option.  

For the next 24 hours you'll be able to download the TrailMix app at a reduced price of $0.99.  Go try it out! 

Cool Fact:
According to scientific research, “synchronizing movements with music enables athletes to perform more efficiently, resulting in greater endurance.”
Karageorghis, C., & Priest, D. (2008). Music in Sport and Exercise: An Update on Research and Application. The Sport Journal.

Listen to this*:
Ooh La La - Goldfrapp   Ooh La La - Supernature *(then listen with TrailMix)


  1. I love TrailMix! It has some new features since this review. It now has a 'Magic Shuffle' which chooses songs from your iTunes library that are already close to the pace that you've chosen to run at. That way the song does not have to speed up or slow down much to match your pace.

  2. I will check if I can find it for android based phones. I think that it is great that you can mod the song tempo. It helps a lot.