Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The 'Dancing Hurdler'

Source: Huffington Post
To me, this says it all.  Michelle Jenneke, 100M hurdler from Australia who just raced at the Barcelona Junior World Championships, has a warm-up AND a victory dance.  With a smile on her face, this girl is completely groovin' out as she gets ready for her race.  When it's time, she gets serious and puts on her game face.  She flies through the race, wins it, congratulates and hugs her competitors and then dances some more.  Her passion is almost tangible.  This girl loves to run, she loves to race, and she clearly has fun doing it.  You'll read that some have made light of the scene and others have mocked it, but I say if rocking out helps Ms. Jenneke prepare, all the power to her.  May we all feel this way at some point when we're running, racing, or doing whatever it is we love.

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