Monday, March 11, 2013


(And to Running)
I'm hitting the road today for my first run since the marathon.  I started to get antsy by the end of last week so I held off a few more days just to get myself that much more fired up.  It's a strange thing to be headed out for a run with no particular training regimen behind it and with no race in the immediate future.  Strange and fantastic!  For a few weeks I can run any distance at any pace with any type of music with not a care in the world.  Well, okay, I do have cares, I can just hold off on dealing with them until after the run.  I can stop and smell the flowers.  I can take my dog with me and she can stop and smell the flowers.  I can have a 10 minute conversation with my neighbor mid-run and then keep going - guilt-free.  I can get to a hill and turn right instead of going up because I don't have to do hills right now if I don't want to.  I love racing and the training that goes along with it.  I'm not an elite athlete, but when I am preparing for a specific event, I take it pretty seriously.  My family knows that when I have a marathon on the horizon, I might have to miss some important things (ie. 40th birthday parties or soccer games) and they usually understand.  As a runner who competes on a pretty regular basis, this stage is such a gift.  It's when I am reminded of all the OTHER reasons that I love running and when I re-realize, so to speak, that there is more to it than just toeing the line.  During this phase, I CAN say "I just can't make it work today" and it's all good.  It's called balance, folks.  Without it, I would drive myself insane.  I guess I kind of do that anyway, so if I'm being honest here, I should say I would drive myself even more insane.  And that would not be good for anyone.   It's 9:00am and I don't have my running clothes on yet (gasp).  I'm headed down to get myself a second cup of coffee (what?!?).  Then, perhaps, I'll get out there.  Perhaps.


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Stars - Hold On When You Get Love

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  1. I know what you mean! The focus for a specific event is really great and helps you achieve in ways you wouldn't otherwise, but it's also good to be able to enjoy your sport in a more relaxed way. When I'm getting ready for an event I often skip the adult skating time at one of my rinks because it includes a fun, but general, class for the adults, which will wear me out too much to practice my routine or get ready for my test or whatever. But if I don't have a near goal like that, I love the class and the chance to just hang out with the other adult skaters.