Friday, June 14, 2013

Definition of RUN


Ever looked up the definition of RUN?  Until yesterday, I hadn't.  There are over 50 different definitions for RUN; used as a verb, adjective or noun.  Here are some of my favorites:

~ To move swiftly on foot so that both feet leave the ground during each stride.  This is the first definition. Makes the most sense.  And applies to all of us who run.

The "swift" runner, leaving the ground
with each stride.

~ To move at a fast gallop. Used of a horse.  This is how I like to picture myself in my mind....galloping toward the finish line.

"Oh, yea. I am strong and powerful,
galloping like nobody's business."

~ To move or go quickly; hurry  This one is just a given.  If you're running, you're likely moving quickly and typically in a hurry...if you're racing, you're in a hurry to finish and if you're late to pick up your kids, you're in a hurry because you're a bad mom. (cough, cough)

~ To move freely, on or as if on wheels  I love this one.  I have always felt that when I am running, I am free.  

~ To flow, especially in a steady stream  Flowing, well, it can be good and bad for us runners.  If you are flowing in the air, weightlessly and effortlessly, you're having a banner day.  If the sweat is flowing or your nose is flowing or even worse....I won't say it.  But, sometimes too much flowing is a bad thing.  All in all, though, it is all part of the running package.  We flow.

~ To travel over on foot at a pace faster than a walk  I like this one because when it comes down to it, if you're running, you're pushing yourself, even if it's just a little bit faster than a walk, to travel.  And wherever your final destination may be, you're gonna get their faster because of your desire to run.

Melting: before
Melting: after

~ To melt, fuse, or smelt  This one made me laugh to myself as I am often melting (as in, melting down) as I head toward the finish line or have successfully melted once I am through it.  If I have pushed hard, I tend to fuse into the ground and become one with the road.  Not sure about the smelt part.  But the other two make perfect sense.

I won't keep going, but I could.  So many ways to define the word RUN.  So many ways to see yourself as a runner.  And so many ways to interpret what you do.  You run, sure.  But, you're also flying, gliding, traveling, melting, and so on and so on.  Choose your own definition and run with it!


Listen to these:

Take Your Time - Lydia  Take Your Time - Devil


Keep Moving - Boxer Rebellion  Keep Moving - Promises

...AND to my parents, who are in it for the long run...married 45 years today.  That's quite and impressive run.  Happy anniversary, mom and dad!

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