Monday, July 8, 2013

And So Is....


Running is awesome.  And so is...

Flying in a tire swing with your sister.
Beekeeping with Gran
Jumping off the 'Jaws' Bridge in
Martha's Vineyard 
Doing loopdeeloops in the 
Red Baron with Grandaddy
Biking with dad

LOTS of things are awesome.  Many thanks to my girls for helping me see the bigger picture lately.


Listen to this:
Don't Deny Your Heart - Hot Chip  Don't Deny Your Heart - In Our Heads   


  1. Such awesome grandparents your girls have! I love the child-sized beekeeper's outfit. Are the loop-de-loops for real, does he fly a historic plane?

  2. They are awesome grandparents, indeed. The Red Baron flies out of a small airport walking distance from our house in Katama. My dad has flown with all 4 of his grandchildren now. Pretty freakin' cool.