Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Holy Moly by DAME

Today I am excited to feature the new single Holy Moly from the Los Angeles based band, DAME.  The band is led by singer/songwriter Michelle Armstrong and has a rock-based sound with a touch of femininity (think Metric and Yeah Yeah Yeahs).  This song in particular hooks you right in with a its slow and steady build to the bridge.  Then Michelle's honey-like voice hits straight on as she cries "Call me when you're at the right time of your life".  I was so moved, I found myself wondering how the hell this person she was singing to couldn't possibly get it together.  Dame's six song LP is scheduled to be released in August and this first single is a sweet taste of what's to come.  I'm excited.  And after you listen to Holy Moly, I'm betting you will be, too.

More about Michelle:
Michelle tells me that music and exercise ALWAYS go together for her.  A woman of my own heart.  I laughed and completely understood when she admitted that she will literally turn around and leave the gym if she has forgotten her headphones and can't listen to music while she's working out.  In her own words, Michelle claims:

---> My main motivation for staying in shape is to feel MORE than able to rock out on stage - to dance AND sing without exhaustion and to confidently wear the clothes I feel my best in! Strong cardio is great for me, as it preps my control of breath and activity combined....Maintaining a positive attitude about life-- firstly in my heart and mind, is my health secret! This keeps me happy and focused on doing good. 

I am both inspired and impressed by Michelle's drive to keep herself healthy so she can do what she loves to do.  In fact, I feel like I share a similar mentality, as my main motivation for running is to feel MORE than able to be a mom, a wife and a good coach.  I secretly wish I could be a rock star, too.  Since that will never happen, I will simply rock out with DAME.  It's a solid alternative.  Many thanks to Michelle and Dame for sharing their music with RWM.  

Listen. Enjoy. Share.  Repeat.  Rock on.
Holy Moly - Dame

*Watch the Official YouTube Video

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