Friday, July 19, 2013



I realize it's not strange to get multiple weeks in a row of high temps and humidity in the summertime, but here in the Boston area it typically doesn't happen until August.  And if it does happen before that, it's usually for a day or two, not for an entire month.  Right???  I think we have officially tapped into a new level of heat at this point.  As I was running yesterday I thought to myself, wow, despite the fact that it was warm and smelled like trash, the breeze from that garbage truck that just passed me felt FANTASTIC.  I busted out 8 long miles in the blazing sun and cursed my decision to train for a fall race the entire time.  I also thought about all the wonderful things I have available to me to make summer running a little easier to deal with.  I'm trying hard to keep things somewhat positive.  Here are my recommendations of key items that can help you keep you cool as you battle the heat.  Godspeed!


1. NUUN - my hydration solution for all conditions; any time, anywhere. Period.
 ---> Bonus: right now if you spend $30 on NUUN, you get free Picky Bars with your order. Yum!
2. Sunglasses - I like this pair by Tifosi. My high school runners make fun of them on account of their size and color.  But, they are light, they stay on and they fit my face so even if I look like a toddler, I'm wearing them.
3. Oiselle Strappy Bra - The men can go skins, damn them.  Women, not so much.  I love this bra because it's air-conditioned...kind of.  The straps are split so there is less fabric on the shoulders.  It holds 'em down without weighing you down.  And it looks awesome.
4. Visor - Sun protection for your face and eyes without overheating your head.  Gotta let the head breathe.
5. Sweat bands - Not just for tennis players anymore.  Do not be afraid to sport these puppies on your wrists.  Soak them in water and freeze them the night before.  It cools your whole body down as you start your run.
6. Sunscreen - Given.  But I really like this kind I just found by Banana Boat because it's moisturizer and sunscreen in one.  It doesn't feel as tacky on my skin.
7. Yurbuds - Sweating buckets?  No problemo. These babies are not gonna fall out.  Ever.
8. Ipod (and back-up ipod) - Clearly it's a given that music will be on my list.  I do like to turn the volume up when it's this hot as it helps to drown out the little voice inside that tells me how nice it would feel to stop. Why a 2nd iPod you ask?  The thought of being 10 miles out and having my iPod break or run out of's just...well...I just can't even think about it.
9. Popsicles - A frozen treat post run tastes SO good.  Any kind will do but I like these Yasso frozen greek yogurt bars.  They are delicious AND nutritious.
10. Post-it notes - To be displayed throughout your house with encouraging notes such as:
 - You're a badass
 - You do love running
 - Summer will end...eventually
 - You're a badass

A FINAL NOTE: The watch was left off of this list intentionally.  Use MapMyRun to plan your route and leave the watch behind.  If you need to do a speed workout, run based on effort instead of time.  Unless you are an elite athlete and training is your job, it's simply not necessary to try and hold your usual pace in this heat.  And for many of us, it's just not realistic.  Your body can only do so much.  Don't push it.  And stay cool!


Listen to this:
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  1. Heat is my kryptonite as a runner… I hate running when it's hot and humid. I love running past sprinklers, and timing it just so I get wet.

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