Thursday, October 3, 2013

She Rocks

When it comes to music, I do not discriminate.  Pop, rock, alternative, reggae...I am all ears, all the time.  My radar is always on and, at this particular moment, it is honing in on bands that are either comprised of women or have a badass female lead.  Why?  Because these lovely ladies are writing, singing and/or playing incredible music and I'm hearing it everywhere I go.  I am literally pulling over to the side of the road (in bustling Winchester, MA) so I can write it all down; on a daily basis.  I am loving it.  I am inspired by it.  I am sharing it.  I am running with it.  I am more than thrilled to listen to it with my own girls (ages 6 & 8) who are also into music and think it's "really cool" when they hear the ladies rocking out.  And beyond cool when the band is made up of sisters.  (I'm not going to lie...I think it's AWESOME that Rosie and Grace have been wearing their Hannah Montana wigs and rocking out on their Barbie keyboard & guitar, pretending to be HAIM, less one sister).  These bands are creating some serious waves and I'm willing to wager that you will want to hear what they've got to say.  If not, that's okay.  You can at least appreciate the many channels of music and the incredibly positive influence it can have over someone.  Bottom line, I continue to be amazed on a regular basis by really good music and the fact that these ladies are currently on top of my list doesn't bother me a bit.  Here's a few bands that are, in my humble opinion, killing it and some of the songs I think are worth your time.  Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.  Many thanks to these lovely ladies who do what they do so well.

Sisters - Daneielle, Este, & Alana Haim

Lauren Mayberry

Maria Lindén

Erika Forster, Annie Hart, and Heather D'Angelo

I Break Horses 
            Denial (new this year)  
            Hearts (from 2011. Undoubtedly makes me run faster)  
Au Revoir Simone - Gravitron  
Haim - Don't Save ME  
Chvches - We Sink  


  1. we were at an art walk tonight when these guys came on and it made me think about your post. They're 7 or 8 and went to summer band camp. They're along way from being the Ramones, but they're on their way. She rocks, indeed ...

  2. That is AWESOME. THANK you for sharing. Rock on.