Monday, October 7, 2013

The Three Mile Run

Lucy, catchin' the breeze.
This Saturday, I'm running the Hartford Marathon in CT. (pause here for minor freak out)  Over the past four months, my running partner KH and I have been tackling various workouts including tempo runs, marathon pace runs, long runs (20+ milers), and short repeats of various lengths on the track.  These workouts were typically a minimum of 8 miles and our weeks would total anywhere from 40-60 miles.  Both of us were admittedly beyond tired on a regular basis throughout most of September.  As I write it all down like this, it does make me wonder why the hell I continue to do this over and over again.  But, that is for another day.  Back to the point.  Next week, my training schedule looks like this:
Sunday - 8 Miles
Monday - off
Tuesday - 5 miles
Wednesday - cross train
Thursday 3 miles
Friday - off
Wait...THREE MILES???  Okay, yes, I am running 26.2 miles on Saturday, but still.  To a crazy, marathon runner like myself, a three mile run is such a simple pleasure.  Mentally, it is, by far, the easiest run to tackle.  Even if I'm lacking motivation or desire, just knowing it's three miles makes it doable.  Logistically, it's easy to squeeze in three miles, even on the busiest of days.  Physically, it's short and sweet while, at the same time, it's just enough.  Would an easy three mile cruiser satisfy me all the time?  Probably not.  But once in a while it's really nice.  Yesterday, as I thought about my upcoming week, and specifically, the three mile run that I have to look forward to,  I took a minute to think about other things that are equally enjoyable, while also relatively simple.  For my 8 year old, I would guess that it's doing a cartwheel, as, these days, it always puts a smile on her face.  For my 6 year old, it might be eating a cupcake or anything sweet which tends to have the same effect.  For my dog, Lucy, perhaps it's a long drive on a beautiful day.  Clearly, you can see how this makes her feel.  For me, oh where to begin.  I had a lot of fun with this one.  Below are just a few that I came up with right of the bat.  But the list goes on and on.  I've got a lot on my plate this week, but on Thursday, I'm going to do my best to soak in the simple joy of the three mile run.

The "3 Mile Run" List: All Things Simple & Sweet
1. A hot cup of coffee.
2. A freshly vacuumed car. (just did this.  yes, it was that good)
3. The start of a new book.
4. An unexpected hug from my daughter.
5. Hooded sweatshirts.
6. New running socks.
7. A high five. (giving OR receiving)
8. A bubble bath.
9. A good song on the radio.
10. A cat nap.

Listen to this:
Fantasy - MSMR  


  1. Aw, sweet list of simple pleasures. Hope your run goes great this weekend! I have wondered about how I would feel if I were a runner going for time over and over. I have a lot of different milestones that I'm working toward in my skating. I've been following your running milestones for quite a while, come check out my skating sometime!

    1. Will definitely spend some more time on Fit & Fed....intrigued by both the skating AND the food! Thx for keeping up with milestones. Cheers!

    2. Cool, thanks! I am following you now on FB from my personal page since silly FB makes it impossible for blog pages to follow personal pages.