Thursday, January 9, 2014

Try Something

Last night my 9 year old got home from gymnastics at 8:00 and sat down for dinner with a scowl on her face.  I asked her what the problem was.  Her answer?  "I'm so cold.  It's so cold outside.  This house is so cold.  It's annoying."  Translation...I'm tired and feel like being mad at something and/or someone.  But, in fairness to her, she's right.  Our house is old and very drafty.  It's colder than most.  We have space heaters in our kitchen and our kids' bedrooms.  You'll often find us sporting hats and scarves, and in my kids' case, jackets, inside when the temperature really drops.  Case in point:
Rosie doing her homework 
Grace watching a show.
 It's not bad throughout the entire season, just when we get into the single digit territory, which has been often lately.  Winter is kind of rough in general.  Being cold and uncomfortable sucks.  It tends to put people in a bad mood.  What I didn't say to Rosie, but thought to myself, was suck it up Buttercup.  We've got three more months of winter so you might as well grin and bear it.  Instead, I put on some music and started dancing.  At first, she covered her hands with her face, clearly mortified.  But, I could see a smile forming through her fingers.  So, of course, I kept dancing.  She was still rolling her eyes at me but now she was laughing.  "Please stop, mom.  You're embarrassing me." (and so it begins at age 9, but that's a different post) "No way!" I yelled.  I started singing along, using my wooden spoon as a microphone.  Yes, I was fully aware of how ridiculous I looked.  But as you can guess, I could have cared less.  Rosie hopped off her stool and started dancing with me.  Both of us were laughing now.  The kitchen was no longer chilly.  It was down right hot.  Okay, maybe just warm, but still.  Two lessons here.  First, they say music warms the sole.  I'm going to have to agree with that one.  Second, sometimes all it takes is a little something - in this case music, dancing and a bit of humor - to turn a dour situation into something else.  And likely, something better.  Does it always work?  Ha! But when it does, it's incredibly satisfying.  Try music.  Try dancing.  Try something.

Listen to this:
Eleven - Thao & Mirah (feat. Tune-Yards)  

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