Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Meet Sarah (aka Mac)

As much as I love to write my own posts, I'm learning that it's nice to step aside and let someone else run the show every once in a while.  Over the years, I have met several very cool people from all walks of the earth who happen to share my passion for both running and music.  I think it's safe to assume that if you're reading this blog on a regular basis, than you might be interested in meeting some of them, too.  Thus begins my new Runners Who Rock series, where I will be introducing other runners who are inspired by music, and sharing their stories.  Regardless of whether they are fast or slow, old or young, or whether they prefer classic rock to alternative, none of it matters as long as they can weave it all together for us with running and music as the thread.  For those of you who know her, it should come as no surprise that the first person who came to mind when I dreamt up this series was my fellow Oiselle teammate and avid music fan, Sarah Robinson (her friends call her Mac).  I met Sarah when I joined the Oiselle crew back in 2011 as an ambassador and quickly learned that, along with being a runner, she is equally moved by the music she listens to.  So, grab your coffee, pull up a chair and meet Sarah, a runner who so many ways.


Name: Sarah Robinson, Mac
Where your from: Never sure how to answer this one... born in North Carolina, grew up in Colorado and Massachusetts. Massachusetts was the majority.
Where you reside now: Seattle, WA
Age: 30
Job: Marketing Director at Oiselle, sometimes model (for Oiselle) & crazy, fast runner.
Sarah's Blog: Running Starfish

What do you love most about running?
The feeling of freedom.  Running is escape.  I'll be having a hard day at work and don’t even want to go for a run, but within three miles my whole perception of life has changed.  In a world of all these false things, it is a very primal thing to just go and run.  I think you tap into something that feels very youthful and free and so unhinged from the rest of your day that is tied down to checking email, or pushing the gas pedal on your car.  You feel like a cog in the wheel and when you’re running you are released … it is your own thing; your own space.

What do you love most about music?
Ditto. It's an escape that you can enjoy all alone or drift through wonderful times with close friends. Running and music are happy places for me. They unlock things and show me possibility. My ideas, creativity, memories... all live in one or the other.

Wilco's Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
Band (current, all time or both):
That's hard! I never get my fill of Modest Mouse (mostly older albums) and Passion Pit. But I love me some smooth 70s... like Crosby, Stills and Nash.  More recently I'm loving Local Natives, Vampire Weekend's new album, & Empire of the Sun... and I'm getting way into what I think is called Chillwave.

Album (current, all time or both): 
Wilco's Yankee Hotel Foxtrot is a perfect album...
Bombay Bicycle Club's A Different Kind of Fix is doing it for me lately.

Race venue: 
Chicago Marathon, Hood River Marathon, Vermont City, I'm bad at favorites.

Gorge Amphitheatre
Quincy, Washington
Music venue: The Gorge in Washington at sunset, warm breeze with the hint of night coming.

Race distance: Marathon

Live Show: Though I've seen lots of great bands, and lots of great shows Band of Horses at the Showbox a few years ago was the most fun I've had at a concert ever.  Everyone in the crowd and band was blissed out the entire show.

Ice cream flavor: Ben & Jerry's New York Super Fudge Chunk

This or That?
Sweet or salty? both
Live or recorded? live
Coffee or tea? coffee
Summer or winter? summer

Which band or artist would you go see tonight if you could? 
I'd get dancey with Passion Pit.  (But only a 21+ show.)
Which band or artist (no longer alive or playing together) would you go see tonight? 
Led Zeppelin
Which band or artist would you like to have dinner with tonight if you could?
I want to break bottles with Isaac Brock.
Which band would you like to have playing alongside you during your next marathon? 
Music during a race? That would be crazy...TV on the Radio.

Top 5 Songs for running, dancing or both? 
Wolf like Me, TV on the Radio  
Block After Block, Matt & Kim  
The Reeling, Passion Pit  
Bouncin' Back (Bumpin' Me Against the Wall), Mystikal  
Shit Luck, Modest Mouse (off of The Lonesome Crowded West, not available on iTunes)

Last 5 Songs you listened to today? 
The first 5 songs on This is a Long Drive For Someone With Nothing To Think About - Modest Mouse

Running's top model getting prepped by Sally Bergesen, CEO of Oiselle

Other Items of Note:
1. I recently learned that Sarah has a Baby Mac on board (she's 18 weeks pregnant) who will, no doubt, be a runner and rocker as well.
2. Sarah does NOT listen to music when she races.  She couldn't even imagine it!

**Huge shout out to Sarah for taking the time to share her running & music story.  Rock on, Mac!**

One More Thing:
Are you a runner who rocks?  Do you want to share your story?  Email me and tell me more.

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