Friday, July 18, 2014


Run for your life, my love
Run and you don't give up
It's all that you are
All that you want
I will be close behind
~ The Fray, "Run For Your Life"

Michelle & her husband running the Goruck Light
Rockaway Beach, NY

As I knew she would, my good friend Nicole Devine, will be providing you with today's Friday 5.  Though I've never met her in person, I feel as though I've known her for years.  Like myself, Nicole is a wife, a mom, a runner, and an avid music fan.  Beyond that, she's just a really cool cat.  Thanks for stepping up, Nicole.  And happy Friday everyone.  Rock on.

In her own words:
This friday five is special to me because most of these songs were included on the playlist I used to train for a recent event I completed called the Goruck Light.  It's a military inspired endurance challenge event that can only be completed as a team.  This was my first event in almost 7 years, and I was fortunate enough to be able to complete this with my husband and 45 other teammates; inspired along the 5 1/2 hour path by our cadre.  It was a fantastic day, and these songs, some newer than others, led the way during my months of training.

Delta Spirit - Idaho  
Last of the Light Brigade - Stimulator  
Ben Pearce - What I Might Do  
Lilly Wood and the Prick - Prayer in C  
Bleachers - Shadow  

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