Tuesday, February 28, 2017


I have run with music since there was a portable listening device available to me.  I'll just go ahead and date myself here.  In junior high and high school, I used a Sony Walkman and listened to mixtapes, or what my friend Kirsten's son recently referred to as "small boxes with holes in them".  I also vaguely remember a brief stint where I attempted to run with my Discman, stepping gingerly to minimize the skipping.  That didn't last long.  After college, I was onto the original iPod.  OMG.  The fact that I could download and listen to all of my CDs on one device completely blew my mind.  It couldn't possibly get any better than this, I thought.  Funny, right?  Today, I use an iPod Nano and I love it.  It's light, fits in my pocket, holds a shit-ton of music and has even survived a session in my washing machine.  Why am I telling you all this?  Because through the years, as my music devices have evolved, my headphones have continuously been a complete pain in the ass.  I've honestly never been able find a pair that worked just right.  Ever.  And I've tried them all. (SEE RWM POST:PLEASE HELP, 2012)  Since they came onto the market, I'd been curious about trying a wireless option but I don't run with my phone and thought that was the only way to make those work.  Not so.  I recently discovered that my latest iPod Nano (this is my 3rd) has Bluetooth functionality which meant that I could expand my headphone options and finally update and enhance my running with music experience.  Enter Jaybird Sport.  A few weeks ago, I reached out to the Jaybird team and asked them about trying their product and potentially joining their team.  I'd heard and read about them on various sites and blogs and I knew one of my run-heros, the great Lauren Fleshmen, was sponsored by them so if they would take me, I wanted in.  I gave them a little backstory on myself,  describing both my passion for running and music as well as the fact that I'd yet to find a pair of headphones that met my all needs:
~ good, quality sound
~ perfect fit (I have child sized ears and struggle with earbuds falling out)
~ long battery life (over four hours)
~ wireless (it was time)


I explained that I'd reached max level of frustration with my current headphones; that I'd tried multiple brands and styles and that too often I was dealing with stupid issues including:
~ constant tangles
~ earbuds falling out (particularly in the summer when sweat is a bigger factor)
~ losing the earbud covers completely
~ accidentally ripping them out of my ears while on the treadmill because I was tired and my arms were flailing out of control (this has happened on more than one occasion)   
I told them that I was running two marathons this spring, training like a madwoman and that I was desperate to find a product that would improve my running/music experience.  They patiently heard me out, agreed that I could use an upgrade and let me know that they were starting an ambassador program and that I could potentially work with them if the headphones worked for me.  To which I responded, I'LL MAKE THEM WORK FOR ME.  No, but really, that is the kicker here.  Jaybird Sport headphones are unique in the fact that you can't take them out of the box, throw them in your ears and go.  They are specifically designed for the individual user and require quite a bit of time and effort up front in regards to getting the perfect fit.  I started by trying out the Freedoms.  Each pair comes with two different styles of ear tips in three sizes and four pairs of silicone ear fins in four sizes.  

When you take it all out, it's a bit overwhelming.  And I'm not gonna lie, it took me a ridiculous amount of time to find the style and size that worked for me.  But true to their word, after trying multiple combos of tips and wings I landed on the fit that works perfectly for my mini-ears (smallest sizes of both).  After that, the setup was cake.  You just connect to Bluetooth on your music listening device and pair the headphones up.  Once their connected you're good to go.  Rather than give them a test drive with a shorter run, I opted to jump right in at full tilt and hope for the best.  The day after my Jaybirds arrived we were smacked with a blizzard (the second in 5 days) here in Boston and running outside was not an option.  So, I cruised to the gym, threw them on and settled in for an an 18 miler on the dreadmill.  

I brought my old headphones as a backup but I never used them.  From that first run, the Jaybirds were a dream.  They sit comfortably in my ears and the sound is phenomenal.  There is chord that wraps around the back of my head to attach the buds but it can be cinched up and I found that it was basically non-existent.  For the first time, I was running without a wire between my body and the treadmill and it was awesome.  I could jump back and forth between the TV and my iPod without missing a beat.  I could change the speed and grab water without worrying about ripping the chord out of the machine.  I was totally free.  And that, my friends, is all she wrote.  I have worn them every day since.  I'm a die hard fan.  And while I'll admit that they are an investment financially (the Freedoms retail for $149.99), they are worth every cent and then some.  Oh, how I wish I was like Oprah and could give all of you who are reading this post a pair of Jaybirds.  But, alas, this is not the case.  I can, however, give you an opportunity to win this fantastic prize pack from the folks at Jaybird.  Because they want you to try them as much as I do.  And you might as well look cool while you're doing it.  Here's the details.


The Jaybird crew sent me four prize packages to giveaway, two here on the RWM blog as well as two over at RWM on Instagram (@runningwmusic).  Feel free to enter on both.  Each has a unique Jaybird "RUN LIKE YOU STOLE IT" shirt, a water bottle and a spike bag.  To enter here, just comment below.  Tell us what your favorite running song is.  Tell us what your favorite dance move is.  Or just give us your name and tell us you want the Jaybird swag.  Though that's not nearly as fun.  Two readers will be picked via random.org both here and on Instagram on Monday, March 6th.  Thanks to the Jaybird Sport team for spreading the love with RWM.  Have fun and good luck!*

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*note:contest is only available to US residents.  Sorry Sasha!


  1. I would love to win- these would be great for my treadmill runs because my arm is always ripping the headphones out of the jack of the treadmill at Planet Fitness (it's on the left side of the treadmill so a really weird place). My favorite song to run to is Born to Run :). I also like Volbeat, Alanis Morrissette and Black Eyed Peas (I know, weird combinations and time periods). I love your blog and seeing which songs you are running to as well!

  2. This would be great. I put in long training hours and listen to podcasts. I also sweat a lot! Thanks for the consideration. Duff Yocum

  3. This would be awesome to have, Big fan of jaybird. Austin devries

  4. Oh man!!! I'm going to say anything techno to get my butt in gear! Jaybird products are ahhh-mazing! Haylee.h.farrar@gmail.com

  5. My name is Matthew Begay and I'm from Queen Creek AZ. I love my Jaybird wireless buds! I've owned the very first time to the Freedom! They have the best superior sounds and always stay out while running! My favorite song while running is How Far We've Come by Matchbox Twenty. I want some Jaybird swag!

  6. How timely, I have been spending hours reading reviews on Amazon for wireless headphones! The price on the Jaybirds put me off, but they sound amazing. My favorite song is anything from the 50 shades darker soundtrack!

  7. Would love the swag!!!! I currently am training for The Boston Marathon with The Jaybird Freedoms!!! I love the sound quality.

    Favorite tune on the shuffle currently is "Ain't no Man" by The Avett Bros. fav dance move will always be the moonwalk.

  8. Current favorite running tune is FeelGood (Pierce Fulton Radio Edit) - GOLDHOUSE.
    Favorite dance move always - The Worm

  9. I love to run to 80's music as well as some old school rap!

  10. Chas Hodgdon
    My favorite song to run to is Shower by - Becky G!

  11. Fav song: Waves by electric guest ��
    Fav dance move: the worm ��

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  13. Favorite running song: Runnin' on Empty - Jackson Browne (2nd place is Stronger - Kelly Clarkson, which played at mile 17 of the 2012 TCM when I ran my first sub-4 marathon).

    I don't dance.

  14. Hi. I have this theory that it's not so much the song as it is the feeling that the song brings. "rocking down the highway" by the doobies (the REAL doobies before the Evil Michael McDonald ruined the band) is one of those for me. It's a great song, a full-on rock song that screams "SPEED UP!!!!!" But mostly it takes me back to being 18, bulletproof and fearless. It's that age where full speed is the only speed. I love to plug into that feeling as I get old. When I hear that opening guitar riff, I'm a kid again, pulling on those Nike Waffle Trainers, firing up the Walkman and heading out to conquer the world. People who aren't running with music won't have a chance ...

    1. Yipppeee!!! You won. Congrats. Please send me a direct email so I can get all your shipping info. rebecca.trachsel@gmail.com

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  15. Fav running song: Shine by Elmo
    Second fav running song: Alive by Sia

  16. Congrats to ilikemargarine.com, winner of the Jaybird Sports/RWM Giveaway!!!

  17. Congrats to Laure Duate, second winner of the Jaybird Sports/RWM giveaway!!!

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