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Over the past couple weeks I've been testing a couple of really cool products.  Today I will give you the low down on both.  The first is running apparel by Fitspi and the second is a mattress by LEVELsleep. Perhaps you are thinking to yourself, why would she review two totally different products in the same post?  And you're right, they are different.  But that said, both the individual products and the companies themselves actually have quite a few similarities, too.  In general, both of these products are innovative and smart, both are geared toward enhancing the lives of active people and more specifically runners and, having worn and used them now for a solid period of time, I can honestly say both are game changers.  At least they are for me.  If you're a runner who appreciates comfort, convenience, and high quality, I'm going to bet that you'll agree.  Fitspi and LEVELsleep have created products that you can trust, that will enhance your performance as an athlete and that in some ways might even make you a better one.  So, what are they and what do they do for you?

Full disclosure, I wore, ran in, and love the Fitspi tights.  But, I also handed them over to Grace, a senior on my cross country team, to give them a go.  Most of the runners on our team are often carrying or using their phones before, during and after practice, so I thought, who better to test the Fitspi product than one of them?  The review below is provided by Grace, who now owns the pants as she refuses to give them back.  Fair enough.

I loved the fit—super secure-feeling but also flattering. The drawstring ensures no slippage during intense physical activity.  The seam running down the legs is unique in that it curves to the front a little bit.  This subtle design choice makes them more stylish than your average pair of running tights. I sort of felt like I should be heading off to Soul-Cycle when I put them on. They’re that kind of awesome stylish/sporty.

Considering that they’re designed to carry a phone, it’s no surprise that they’re perfect for that. There is a long pocket running down the outer right leg with an edge that cinches to keep the phone from falling out if for some reason you need to be upside-down. This pocket is great for carrying a phone because it feels very secure, but it’s probably better for more casual/around-town wear. The better phone pocket for running is the one that is stitched into the left-back hip, so sneaky that I didn’t even notice it was there when I first tried them on.  It’s very convenient for running because you don’t have worry about the phone falling out or deal with a jiggly running belt that will inevitably ride up.

Though I didn’t listen to music on the several runs I wore them for (though I know Coach Trax did), these tights would be great for that. You can put the phone in the back hip pocket and even run the earbuds up through your shirt for an especially hands-free experience.  When you're doubting whether or not to bring your phone with you because you don't want to carry it, you no longer have to think twice.  And the upside?  Not only is your phone ready if you run into something so picture-perfect you’d otherwise be kicking yourself for forgetting a camera, it is there in case of emergency and you need to call someone.

All in all, these Fitspi tights are great for runners of all abilities. They are comfy and have a flattering cut. They are also attractive enough to wear in public pre or post run. They have awesome pockets for your phone (or money, keys, SNACKS, or anything else you might need).  If you’re looking for fashion and function in your next pair of running tights, look no further!

The good folks over at FITSPI (link to site: here) are offering a 30% discount on all of their products for RWM readers.  Just enter the promo code RUN123 at checkout and you'll be good to go.  Smart.  Safe.  Snug.  FITSPI.  Go get yours!

As a runner, sleep is one of my top priorities, if not THE top.  There is no way I could train or compete at the level I do without good quality sleep every night.  Now, granted, this doesn't always happen.  But, I do my damnedest to make it into bed for a solid 8 hours of sleep as often as possible.  Why?  It helps with recovery, it prevents me from getting sick, it makes me more productive the next day, really I could go on, but you get the point.  Bottom line...sleep is critical and without it, I am a mess in all areas of my life, particularly in running.  What I didn't realize, though, is that what I'm sleeping on is just as important if not more than how many hours I'm getting.  

Enter the LEVELsleep mattress.  This brilliant product was founded by inventor Roger Sramek who was driven by his desire to help people sleep better and wake up with more energy (yes please).  His original goal with this concept was to promote better sleep for everyone.  In looking at this challenge, he arrived at a simple but effective concept: If our bodies are curved, why are we sleeping on a mattress with only one level of support?
Traditional Mattress

LEVELsleep Tri-Support mattress

Unlike all other standard, boxy mattresses (the ones I've slept on all 41 years of my life), the TriSupport mattress focuses on zones, not layers. That is, its three zones accommodate the body’s different weights and shape, reducing pressure on shoulders and hips and lessening pain and tossing.  So, basically, there is a spot carved out for all the key areas of your body (back, shoulders, hips) and when you sleep on this mattress, the different needs of all three of these critical parts of the body are met.  I have a kind size bed and I'm currently sleeping on the Tri-Support Topper which is a three inch pad that sits on top of my mattress.  

Thus, I'm getting all the benefits of the LEVELsleep mattress without having to toss my mattress completely.  It's been about two weeks since I started sleeping on the Levelsleep and I'm already noticing the benefits.  I'm waking up more well rested, significantly more relaxed and feeling noticeably fresher and more energized.  It's worth noting that the mattress feels very different than a regular mattress so it took me a couple days to get used to it.  It's also worth noting that my husband, who suffers from a bad lower back, not only noticed the difference in his sleep from day one, but can no longer imagine sleeping without it.  There is so much more information on their site that you can feel free to explore at your leisure.  Honestly, I can not recommend this product highly enough.  Why not try for yourself with their 110 day guarantee.  Or just trust me.  

The LEVELsleep crew are generously offering a 10% discount on any of their mattresses if purchased in the next 10 days.  Simply use the code use the code RunningMusic10 at checkout.  RUN HARD. SLEEP WELL.  LEVELsleep.

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