Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I Run Because....(& Oiselle Giveaway Winner)


Last Wednesday was National Runner's Day.  Every year I love to call out this day and to celebrate it with my fellow runners.  This year I asked you to tell us 'why you run'.  More people responded to this question than to any other question I've posed since I started this blog over two years ago.  Turns out, A LOT of people run in some way, shape or form and those who do are very happy to tell us why.  I did offer up a Oiselle goody bag to sweeten the deal, so that might have increased the response rate a bit.  It's all good.  I, myself, would have answered for that reason alone.  But, I like to think the main reason people wrote in is because, like me, they are so ridiculously enamored with the sport and all that it does for them that they want to shout it out to anyone who will listen.  I wish I could have shared every single response with you but that would have taken up a boat load of time - both yours and mine.  So, instead, I attempted to sum it all up by throwing out a few (okay, more than a few) that I related to, or laughed about, or cried over, or had never heard before but totally appreciated get the idea.  Beth at @RxBethOnTheRun wrote, "...I can't imagine my life without running. Running has forever changed my life."  Wow.  That pretty much sums it all up for me, too.  Many thanks to everyone who wrote in for this one.  Here's to another great year of running for all of us.

I run because...
~ I love it.
~ It's part of me.
~ It makes me happy. 
~ I like to challenge/push myself. 
~ It's awesome.  
~ It makes my body feel good.
~ It makes me feel strong and confident.
~ It reminds me that I'm stronger than I think.  
~ I'm setting a good example for my son and daughter.
~ It's a great stress reliever.
~ I can justify my need for more pizza. 
~ It's freeing.
~ It's beautiful.
~ If I didn't, I would lose my sanity.
~ I love the way I feel when I'm done.
~ I can.

I run for....
~ the joy it brings to my life.
~ the memories of people that I've lost.
~ the connection - to myself, through social media, and with nature.
~ a break.
~ that feeling of shared excitement when everyone is lined up at the start of a race.
~ my health.
~ the competition.
~ peace.

I run to...
~ fit into my jeans.
~ listen to great tunes.
~ explore the city.
~ be with friends.
~ live forever.
~ wake up in the morning. 
~ celebrate my daughter.
~ tell the universe my story.

** Congrats to Maureen Polson, the winner of the Oiselle giveaway.  Her answer:
"I run for my health, to challenge myself and now also to make a difference as a Miles For Miracles runner for Children's Hospital Boston."  Awesome reasons, Maureen.  Enjoy your Oiselle goodies!


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