Friday, June 21, 2013



As the summer heats up, I find myself reflecting on my love/hate relationship with 'summer running'.  To be fair, I do the same thing when winter rolls around.  Given that I run outside 95% of the year, I have come to appreciate both seasons and all they have to offer.  And then, if I'm being honest here, I tend to curse them both when they begin to drive me bananas.  After four months of battling the cold and ice that winter throws at me, I find myself craving the warm temps of summer.  And then, after four months of fighting the heat and humidity of summer, I can't wait to bundle up in layers and see my breath again in the frigid winter air.   Sure, spring and fall are in there, too.  And, truth be told, those are the best seasons for a runner.  Not too hot, not too cold.  Not to wet, not too dry.  But, realistically, within those two seasons, there might be a dozen 'perfect' running days.  And the rest, well, they kind of fall on the winter or summer spectrum somewhere.  As far as weather goes, runners are typically braving some sort of element every time they head out the door.  It's part of the challenge.  It keeps things interesting.  And no matter what the weather, we continue head out, day in and day out and face the cards that have been dealt.  We seem to miss "winter running" in the summer and miss "summer running" in the winter.  Grass is always greener.  At the moment, though, I'm loving summer.  Ask me again in a month or so.  

Post-summer run.
~ You get to shed your winter layers…all 10 of them.
~ You're no longer fighting with the snow, sleet, wind and freezing temperatures.
~ You can finally feel your fingers and toes again.
~ You get more daylight to squeeze your run in.
~ The roads are clear and no longer a safety hazard.
~ Post-run iced coffee…tastes….so…good.
~ When you're done, you feel amazing.

Post-winter run.
(I know, I use this photo a lot)
~ You aren't dripping with sweat within the first 5 minutes of every run.
~ You're not fighting the heat and humidity, struggling to breath and dying of thirst.
~ You often feel lighter and faster in the cooler temperatures.
~ The pollen is FINALLY gone and the air is clear and crisp.
~ Post-run hot coffee….tastes…so…good.
~ When you're done, you feel amazing.

Okay, so after reading this, I do realize that most of the pros of summer are related to the fact that you are no longer dealing with the cons of winter and vice versa.  But, no matter what the pros and cons are, the outcome is the usually the same.  After a run, regardless of the season, you're probably going to feel pretty damn good.


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  1. Oh I hear you about your pro's and cons.

    I'm lucky that I don't have to contend with snow in the winter (which is now).

  2. I'd go for winter, I prefer working out in the cold so I don't sweat. Both the rinks I skate at are really cold and only heat up a tiny bit in the summer, just enough to occasionally wear a skating dress instead of my usual fleece. Usually I fit in just fine in the Northwest going around after my skate in my fleece, but not in the summer!