Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Running Gear & Good Music

TOP 5 REASONS to Purchase New Running Gear During the Holidays:

1. It's cold and you can no longer get away with holes in your socks.

2. Your tights from last year aren't meant to be see through.

3. Nothing fits right because it didn't fit right last year and you didn't deal.

4. You need a new watch to keep pace with the chaos of the season.

5. You and Santa had a falling out and you're not sure whether he's forgiven you.

Okay fine, maybe you just want them.  That's okay, too.

TOP 5 REASONS to Listen to Good Music During the Holidays:

1. You're going caroling and you need some inspiration.

2. You will be spending an insane amount of time wrapping presents and you want to take your mind off of all the cutting and taping by rocking out.

3. You have a holiday party to go to and you want to sharpen up your dance moves.

4. You have a holiday party to host and you don't want to play the same old thing.

5. Wait, really?  Do you really need a reason for this?

Go ahead.  Wear sequins.  Drink eggnog.  Belt it out.  GET FESTIVE.  Anything goes during this season of never-ending joy.  Here's some goodies to liven up your spirit.

Listen to these:
Sam Smith - Money on My Mind

Sweater Weather - The Neighbourhood

The Man I Need - Jagwar ma

Jennifer - Little Comets


  1. Who won the NUUN giveaway? Just curious.

  2. Hey Venessa,
    Forgot to post the winner's name. Elizabeth Smith won the NUUN giveaway. Sorry about that!