Thursday, January 23, 2014

Too Cold: A Top 10 List

The display on my dashboard after my run yesterday:
Song...awesome.  Temp...not awesome.

When I woke up on Monday it was 6℉ (below zero with the windchill).  As previously mentioned, I typically do my long run on Monday, and I actually look forward to it, but in these temps, my motivation is not quite as high.  During the winter, I'll run inside on the dreadmill up to about 8 miles but that's about all I can mentally handle.  So, this past Monday, it was outside or bust.  After I dropped my girls off at school I came home and procrastinated; checked email, did a little laundry, brushed my teeth a second time; hoping the temp might rise a bit before I headed out.  At 9:30 it had reached 10℉ and I figured that was the best I was going to get.  Off I went.  Winter running is hard.  So is a lot of other things.  What are you gonna do?


1. You have to coat your face, ankles and any other exposed skin in vaseline for extra protection from the elements.
2. You run past a construction worker who gives you a confused look and asks what the hell you're doing. (yes, this happened Monday)
3. You start to feel a tingling sensation on random spots of your body mid-run.
4. You seek out hills because the extra effort will warm you up.
5. You're laces are too tight but decide it's too cold to take your gloves off and would be too difficult to fix them if you did.
6. You're hands turn white when you come inside.
7. You take a hot shower post-run but you can't warm up (or get out).
8. It's 2 hours later and you still can't get warm.
9. You want to hug the barista at Starbucks when she hands you your coffee.
10. You have a text message from a friend when you get back that says, "you didn't go, did you?"

And you smile because you did go.  You might be borderline nuts, but you don't care.  You are a runner and there is no off-season.

Listen to this:
Need You By My Side - The Sun Parade  


Coronado - Deerhunter   
off of Halycon Digest
(great song, great album)

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  1. Winter running is tough! Living here in MA as well I have been braving the cold too, due to not having a treadmill OR a gym membership. I loved your "top 10" ! :) Good for you! TRY to stay warm!