Wednesday, June 4, 2014


And that (up there☝) pretty much sums it up.  

To ALL the runners out there.....regardless of whether you are a tortoise, a hare or a hairy tortoise, whether you run once a week or every day, whether you've never raced in your life and you don't plan to or you run three marathons a year, whether you can't stand running but you do it to keep yourself healthy or you love running and you can't imagine your life without is your day.  A day to celebrate running.  So, GO RUN.  And, if you are so inclined, go rock out, too.  Wait, rock out??  What exactly is she talking about?

This year, I am excited and honored to celebrate National Running Day with the good folks over at YURBUDS.  If there is a better way to celebrate this day; other than with a company that is passionate about running and music, I have no idea what it is.  My YURBUDS headphones are always with me, for every run and every race, every step of the way.  They have never let me down.  I can't say that about a lot of things.  To recognize this day, we want to spread the running and music love.  We're going a little bananas and giving away not one, but three (that's 3) pairs of the new INSPIRE DUROS.  Wear them to run, to hike, to climb, to cut a rug; whatever.  They fit, they're comfortable and they don't fall out.  Ever. 
But wait, there's more.  We're also giving away three (yep, 3) of these sporty, new YURBUDS race cases, specifically designed so you can comfortably run and rock with phone in hand.  Booyah.

So, here's the deal.  Enter below with Rafflecopter.  Tell us what running is for YOU.  Not into sharing?  Totally fine.  There are several other ways to enter.  Contest will end on Monday, June 9th at midnight.  Winner will be chosen via  HUGE thanks to YURBUDS for supporting sports-minded music lovers across the world with your awesome products.  Good luck & happy running.

** ----> Congrats to YURBUDS winners, Shannon, Arlinda, Venessa, Janet, Robin & Allie. ROCK ON!!

Listen to this:
Where We're Going - Dae 


  1. Running is my passion and what keeps me sociable and sane. I would probably sit in my basement watching episodes of Girls and eating peanut M and M's.

  2. Running is my favorite form of stress therapy!

  3. Running helps me stay in shape while I finish my BSN degree....and it supports my mini frosted shredded wheat night time snack habit.

  4. Running above all else is my therapy. I need it to help me focus and keep myself mentally healthy.

  5. Running is my way of letting go after a full day of work and parenting. Helps keep me a dedicated worker and a present, loving parent!

  6. Running is my happiness and stress relief. I always feel so much better after a nice sweaty run!