Thursday, September 11, 2014


At 6:15 this evening, I will be hopping on a bus and heading up to Franconia, NH for the Ragnar Reach the Beach Relay, as a member of the NH State Parks Team.  Twelve of us, along with hundreds of other RTB teams, will be covering 200 miles (3 legs each) in 24 hours, starting at Cannon Mountain and finishing in Hampton Beach, NH.  On Friday at 11:45am we'll be off and running.  Literally.

When we aren't running we will be eating, sleeping...basically living out of our vans, which are driven by our trusty drivers who run the entire logistical show.  In other words, we would be totally screwed without them.  Thank you drivers!

NH State Park Bloggers

I participated in this race for the first time back in 2012 with the crew you see in the photo above.  The experience was epic. (click here for the story) Last year, I wasn't able to participate due to a conflict with work.  I was totally crushed and vowed never to let that happen again.  Fortunately, my sweet, loving, understanding team (minus a few of the original members along with a couple of new ones) was kind enough to let me back on.  Bless them.  

Huge shout out to Oiselle, NUUN, 
Feetures, & Runnerbox

I am officially packed and ready to go with more gear than an average person would know what to do with.  I am giddy.  And I am incredibly my husband for being so ridiculously understanding and willing to deal, to my kids for thinking mom is cool and not giving me a hard time about missing their soccer games this week-end, to the girls on the LEX XC squad who both support my athletic endeavors and, more importantly, don't give me the hairy eyeball when I'm not at practice, and to my RTB team for letting me rejoin this awesome madness that is Reach the Beach.


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