Friday, February 6, 2015


I want to, even when it don't make sense, even when it don't make sense
Actually I want to more when you don't make sense
So please, don't let it get to you
I know that you won't realize it, but it's still all up to you
~ Rostam, 'Don't Let It Get To You'

On Wednesday, I dropped my car off at the Ford dealership for an oil and filter change.  The guy asked me if I was going to wait for it or leave it.  "Actually," I said, "I'm going to go for a run.  I'll be out for about an hour.  Is that enough time?"  He stared at me for a second or two and then responded, "You're gonna do what, now?"  "I'm going for a run" I said again.  Another blank stare.  "I know it seems crazy, but I've got to get out there, so I might as well do it now."  He had a very concerned look on his face as he told me to be really careful because the roads were iffy and there was not a lot of room out there for anything other than the cars (ie. me).  I promised I would as I headed off.  I didn't say "thanks, dad" but I thought it.  The roads were, in fact, awful.  The banks on either side were ridiculously high and there were no sidewalks or lips to work with.  As expected, I got a lot of dirty looks from drivers, several honks, many wild hand gestures and quite a few nods of disapproval and/or disbelief.  It kind of sucked.  But,  after three days of running inside, I couldn't bear to do another run on the treadmill.  I know it doesn't seem logical to most.  But, it had to be done.  It was outside or bust.

On Thursday, I set out yet again.  It was snowing and windy, hence the goggles.  But it was also a balmy 33 degrees so I figured I might as well take advantage of the warm(er) temp.  At one point, a car slowed down next to me and the passenger rolled down his window, stuck his head out and said, "Are you f*#@ing crazy??!!  No joke.  I just kept going.  What was I going to to do?  Stop and explain that, yes, I am a little crazy but I'm also training for a marathon and I need to get these miles in and I'm beyond sick of the treadmill so I'm out here doing this?!?!  Neither of us had time for that.  This morning, I was explaining how tricky it's been to run outside these past few days to my girls.  I was describing and showing them some of the looks that drivers have been giving me such as the 'should you really be doing this' which is always accompanied with a nod of disapproval and sometimes a finger wag.  Then we all started dying laughing as we acted out all the different driver reactions.  (see below)  "Mom, they said, "you're nuts!  But we get it."  "Oh, thank you", I said.  "It's so nice to know I have your support."  The shots below should be a good laugh for all, particularly for my fellow runners who are getting out there with me and maybe for the drivers who are frustrated with all the runners on the road?  But, here's the thing, dear drivers.  We get it.  We don't like it either.  But, we've gotta run.  So next time we're out there together, I'll move over even more if you give me the "Way To Go".  Deal?

The 'Should You Really Be Doing This?'


The 'I'm Just Going To Pretend You're Not There'

The 'I'm Too Tired To Deal With You'

The 'OMG, What Is She Doing?!?!'

The 'Way To Go!!!'*
*rare but worth a mention bc it's so nice to get!

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