Monday, February 9, 2015


You've seen the movie, right?  If not, it's worth the rental.  Bill Murray wakes up every day and freaks out because it's still Groundhog day.  He's literally re-living the same day, February 2nd, every single day.  Same wake up time, same song on the alarm clock, same route to work, same people getting in his way, and so on and so on.  At first he totally loses it.  Then he gets annoyed.  Then angry.  Then he begins to find it humorous.  And then finally (spoiler alert), he realizes that he might as well embrace it and make the most of what's unfolding before him.  His game.  His rules.  Okay, so the past few Mondays here in my house haven't been identical, but they've been pretty damn close.  I'm not necessarily losing it at this point, but I do find myself laughing.  Like, a lot.  I guess I'm at the "I can't really believe this is actually happening" stage.  Thankfully, I've got a neighborhood full of moms and kids who are all in the same boat so we are mastering this snow day thing like you wouldn't believe.  Hmm, maybe I'm getting close to the "embrace it" stage.  Maybe.

7:00 AM in Winchester, MA
Monday: ✔︎
Blizzard: ✔︎
No school: ✔︎
Out of milk: ✔︎
Shovel: ✔︎
Try to come up with activities for the kids (all 8 of them): ✔︎
Send the kids outside to play in the snow (round 1): ✔︎
1st hot chocolate break: ✔︎

Boots, jackets, gloves, hats, etc. of 8 kids
Throw all the wet clothes in the dryer: ✔︎
Try (and fail) to run outside: ✔︎
Cross Train (inside): ✔︎
Shovel (again): ✔︎

Feed all 8 kids breakfast and/or lunch: ✔︎
Try to come up with more (different) activities for the kids: ✔︎
Send the kids outside to play in the snow (round 2): ✔︎

The Edgehill Mountain
(Caroline, Grace, Jane, Rosie, Me, Sally, Tessa & Carly)
2nd hot chocolate break: ✔︎
Throw all the wet clothes in the dryer: ✔︎
Order pizza (because we have no food): ✔︎
Check the 10 day forecast: ✔︎
Freak out when I see more snow is on the way: ✔︎

Host an impromptu dance party: ✔︎
Pray to the weather Gods: ✔︎
Go to bed: ✔︎

Listen to this:
Freakout! - Mini Mansions  

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