Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Emails, texts, training log entries and ramblings between my coach and I over the past week and half:

FRIDAY, 6/9 (while up at Northeast Birdcamp)
Unfortunately, I've come down with something.  Have a sore throat and body aches.  I'm guessing it's because I'm run down from training and organizing camp.  I was supposed to do 7 this morning but stopped at 5 because I had nothing in the tank.  I'm going to play the rest of the weekend by ear.  Just keeping you in the loop.  Have I mentioned how much I HATE being sick?
Have a great week-end,

Oh yuck, sorry to hear about the bug that got you.  I hope it passes quickly.  Do what you can this weekend but don't sweat missed miles.  This is about as good a time as any to miss some mileage.
~ Lowell

MONDAY, 6/12
Morning Lowell,
I successfully got 150 of us through Oiselle Birdcamp but, as you know, I paid the price.  I struggled the most on Saturday with a fever (sweats and chills....good times).  Sadly, I wasn't able to run for the rest of the weekend.  But, it happens.  I might try and get an easy 5 in today, but I'm still a bit off so will take it very slow.  More soon.
~ R

Quick status for you.  Feeling better but still pretty wiped and can't breath out of my nose.  Not sure about this race on Sunday unless you feel like I should try and do it as a workout.  Also, I'm going to do my intervals tomorrow instead of today unless I hear otherwise.

I would definitely push the workout back and see how you feel on Friday.  Sunday's race is not important so I'm fine with you skipping it unless you feel a lot better going into it on Sunday morning.
~ Lowell

Morning Lowell,
Still not sure if I should race tomorrow or skip it and run long.  I feel a lot better but it's been a rough week.  I'm traveling Monday so I have to shuffle Monday and Tuesday's workouts either way.  I have time to run long tomorrow so perhaps I should take advantage of it?  Let me know what you think.

If you are 90% and have time to run long on Tuesday, I suggest racing.

Hi L-
Pretty sub-par performance today.  Not really surprised, but always a little disheartening when I feel like I should be stronger than I am.  Heat/humidity were a big factor for me.  By the 3rd mile, I had nothing left and no will to fight.  It was a good workout.  That's about it.  Ugh.

All I wanted out of this race was a good hard workout/effort.  I didn't expect a good time, so I am not disappointed in any way.  Onward and upwards, right?

Yes, onwards!  42 years later and I'm still hard on myself for underperforming, even when I know it's not necessary.  What I really could use is a gentle nudge from you the day before races like these reminding me that it's a workout, just to push hard and not worry about time, to relax and have fun.  Because I am never going to be able to say that to myself.  :)

Yes, I can definitely give you that reminder before races.  I won't get this exactly right, but there is a quote by Arthur Lydiard that I really like.  It goes something like this when talking about big training cycles, "You will be running last when others are running in first.  But, when it matters most, you will be passing them."

Training cycles are a key component of a good training plan.  You can't be sharp and PR all the time.  Like many things in life, being 100% at one time or for one thing usually comes at the expense of something else.  You can't have your cake and eat it, too.  So, you have to pick the right spot to be 100% and accept that the times when you are not is a part of the process and journey.

1. Your body calls the shots. Listen to it.
2. Every race has a purpose and it's not always for the PR.
3. Training cycles are necessary and key.
4. Don't be so damn hard on yourself.
5. Trust your coach.

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  1. You could go a long way in life with just these five. 6. Make sure you have the right coach.