Saturday, October 15, 2011

Why Race?

1. Because it gives me something totally different to do for a day.
2. Because it gives me butterflies like I got in 3rd grade on my first day of school.
3. Because it makes me push a little harder than my norm.
4. Because it gives me something to talk about with my fellow runners.
5. Because it gives me a reason to buy new music and enjoy it during the race.
6. Because it sets a fantastic example for my kids.
7. Because it's fun.
8. Because it's something that I do just for me.
9. Because I get a free shirt and they've gotten much better over the years.
10. Because, when it's over, regardless of my time or my place, I feel like a rock star.
What's your reason?

Listen to this:
Something Good Can Work - Two Door Cinema Club    Something Good Can Work - Tourist History

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