Friday, June 7, 2013

You Know You're A Runner If....

My bathroom, post-wash.
On Wednesday, in honor of National Runner's Day, I wrote about why I run.  Today, I'm going to take it one step farther and talk about how you know whether or not you are a 'runner'.  Recently, I was doing my laundry and I realized two things....first, very few of my clothes go in the dryer (see pic).  And second, almost all of my clothes (ie. shorts, tech tees, sports bras) can be balled up and thrown into a basket.  Basically, I have a lot of freakin' running clothes and very little else.  I am both a runner and a high school running coach, so I am typically sporting these duds on a daily basis for most of the year.  But still; wow.  I think I officially have more running clothes than non-running clothes at this point.  This is one of the many ways I know that I am a 'runner'.  Below I have listed out a few more of the tell-tale signs.

You Know You're  A Runner If...

1. At least 75% of your wardrobe consists of running and/or workout clothes.
2. When you're walking and you have to wait at a red light to cross the street, you reach to stop your watch; even if you're not running (or wearing a watch at all).
3. When you check your calendar, it's not to see if you are free for the evening, but to see if you are racing the next day (which will determine whether or not you can go out the night before).
4. When you purchase running clothes, you try to find items that will work for running, school pick-up and maybe even dinner with friends.  Oh yes, these clothes do exist.

Oiselle Mio Mesh Tank
5. You're overly picky about the color of your running shoes.
6. When you're in your car and you start driving up a hill you think to yourself:
 ~ Thank goodness I am in my car and I don't have to run up this puppy.
 ~ BUT this IS a really good hill and I should come back and run it some time.
 ~ I really need to get more hills in lately.
 ~ I hate hills.
7. When you're planning your day, it is broken up into pre-run and post-run.
8. The weather determines your mood, not because of the weather itself, but because of how your run will likely go in that particular weather.
9. You hear a random song on the radio that would be perfect to run with and you pull over to write it down; even if you have to get off a major highway.
10. You do all of these things (& more) day in and day out.  And you don't think twice about any of them.

So...what's the verdict?


Listen to this:
Drum in Your Chest - BIGkids  Drum in Your Chest - Drum in Your Chest - Single

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  1. I am guilty of ALL of these!!!! Especially the hills one. They are hard to find in FL:)

  2. I did a similar thing on my blog recently about these sorts of thing too (must be something in the air).

    Yep I'm guilty of all except maybe the walking with the watch.

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  4. This post is great! I'm guilty of all of these!