Friday, August 15, 2014


"So all you fly mothers, get on out there and dance.
Dance, I said!"
~ Salt-n-Pepa, 'Push It'


As I recently mentioned, I am currently out in Bend, OR hanging with over 100 of my Oiselle teammates.  We are a colorful group of women from all over the country who are as passionate about running as we are about each other and the company we represent.  Within minutes of our first meal we became one big, happy, crazy, tight-knit family and the energy level borderline electric.  The whole thing is just a big dose of awesomeness.  In light of this (forgive the cheese factor) magical experience, today's Friday 5 will be a group of songs that the women who work and/or run professionally for Oiselle are inspired by at this particular moment.  When I asked them to chime in, a couple of them didn't have to think twice, a couple had to give it a little time, and one of them wanted to use "Happy" but I wouldn't let her, so she went with a song by her current favorite artist.  (Sorry, KMet)  It is an eclectic mix brought to you by a badass group of women who I both admire and respect.  It should be noted that Sally, chief Oiselle bird, threw out the one song that could potentially inspire a late night dance party.  Happy Friday everyone.  Rock on.

Runaway Baby - Bruno Mars (Kristin Metcalf, Team Leader)   
Anna Begins - Counting Crows (Sarah Lesko, Corp Dev & Master of Fun)
The Wolf Is Free - Lily & Madeline (Lauren Fleshman, Pro Runner)
Ghost - Ella Henderson (Kate Grace, Pro Runner)
Push It - Salt-N-Pepa (Sally Bergesen, owner of Oiselle)


  1. Love that Sally picks Push It. I haven't heart Lesko, Fleshman, or Kate's choices so now I have to go check those out! I hope you are having the best time!

  2. Bend is a wonderful place, what a great opportunity through Oiselle!