Thursday, August 21, 2014


So, yes, I just went to running camp.  I'm sorry, it's clearly difficult for me to stop talking about it.  It just,'s not very often that a 39 year old working mom of 2 gets to head out to one of the most beautiful places in the country (Bend, OR) to meet and run with a ridiculously huge group of women who are all passionate about their sport.  And yet, life moves on.  Back in MA, our high school XC season has officially begun.  It's time to re-focus.  But, before I do, I have one more Birdcamp post.  And this is it.  I promise.  Rather than give you a detailed play by play of each day, which I'm sure many of my teammates will be doing on their own blogs (check out this one by Once Upon (L)ime); I am going to mix it up a bit and give you a tried and true RWM Top 10 List along with some pics from my adventure.  I met some amazing people out there, I laughed a shit ton (is that a real word?),  I learned a boat load and I had a freakin' ball.  It was an experience of epic propotion and I will be forever grateful to the women at Oiselle for giving me the opportunity to be a part of it.  The word Oiselle alludes to that feeling of weightlessness that most runners know and love. That sense of flight – when the legs go fast and the heart goes free.  As a runner, I don't always have this feeling, though I sure as hell wish I did.  But, as a member of the Oiselle team, my head will always be up and my wings out.


1. You find yourself sharing a suite with multiple people that you have never met and you're totally okay with that.

w/ @mellebeth & @hroberts123
#1617 ROCKS (& smells like bacon)

2. Your only modes of transportation are your feet and a Peter Pan bus, which sometimes catches on fire.  Wait...what?

Smith Rock State Park

3. You intend to stay up and hang with your friends at the end of each day but then you're way too tired pull through.

w/ @momonthemove2 & @wotowglass
4. You eat snacks 24 hours a day.

The Snack Table  (mmmm snacks)

5.  All you want to do in your free time is go to the room and take a nap.

With fellow MA Bird, @runonsweetfrie

6.  You determine which pair of socks to put on in the morning based on how good or bad they smell.

Cooling down post race w/ Fleshman & Co.

7.  When your not running, eating or sleeping your posting photos to Twitter and Instagram...the same photos that all your other teammates are posting.

The Oiselle Flock @ the Deschute Brewery 5K

8. You shower 2 and sometimes 3 times a day. 

Floating down the Deschutes River 
w/ @momonthemove2

9. It's not the least bit weird to discuss whether or not you've gone to the bathroom before your run with someone you've just met.

w/ Lesko on our last night
(we did not discuss our bowel movements)

10. You plan to get home looking re-energized and fit and instead you roll in with an extra 5 pounds and totally exhausted. 

Dessert from the doughnut cart
(yes, that's bacon)


Listen to this:
Sweet Ophelia - Zella Day  

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