Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Run Down

Too often I take on more than I can handle.  For some reason I always find myself saying, "sure" when someone asks me to do something and saying "just go" to myself when I might not be up for going.  Lately, I tend to pack my days as full as possible as if I might win a prize for the amount of tasks I get done with a bonus for making it on time.  We all do it.  And to be fair, most of the things I'm running to are things I've chosen to do and that I love.  So, really, I can only blame myself.  But when I continue to pile things on my plate, on top of the every day things that need to happen, things begin to crack, or in my case, shut down.  You would think after all these years that I would have learned to pull back when I start to feel this wave of chaos coming on.  Running through bronchitis, not a good idea.  Taking a week off and starting fresh, better idea.  Thus, I will continue to remind myself whenever this pattern repeats itself that I don't like having to slow down any more than necessary.  Easy, right?

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Better - Regina Spektor   Better - Begin to Hope (Bonus Track Version)

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